Friday, October 14, 2005

Check Labor Status Addresses and Phones

U.S. Department of Labor August 2003

Connecticut Maine Massachusetts New Hampshire  Rhode Island Vermont

JFK Federal Building E-350
Cambridge Street
Boston Massachusetts 02203
Phone (617) 788-0152
Fax (617) 788-0104

New Jersey  Puerto Rico Virgin Islands

201 Varick St. Room 755
New York New York 10014
Phone (212) 337-2185
Fax (212) 337-1342

Delaware District of Columbia Maryland Philadelphia, PA Harrisburg, PA Pittsburgh, PA Virginia West Virginia

The Curtis Center
Suite 825 East
170-S Independence Mall West
Philadelphia, PA 19106-3315

Phone (215) 861-5250
Fax (215) 861-5263

Alabama Florida  Georgia  Kentucky  Mississippi North Carolina South Carolina Tennessee
61 Forsyth St. SW
Suite 6M-12 Atlanta, GA 30303
Phone (404) 562-2115
Fax (404) 562-2152

Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Michigan Minnesota Missouri Nebraska Ohio Wisconsin
230 S Dearborn Street
6th Floor
Chicago IL 60604
Phone (312) 596-5400
Fax (312) 596-5410

Arkansas Louisiana New Mexico  Oklahoma Texas
525 Griffin Street
Room 317
Dallas, Texas 75202
Phone (214) 767-9384
Fax (214) 767-4788

Colorado Montana North Dakota  South Dakota Utah Wyoming
1999 Broadway
Suite 1780
Denver Colorado 80201-6550
Phone (303) 844-1575
Fax (303) 844-1744

Arizona California Guam Hawaii Nevada

Alaska  Idaho Oregon Washington State
Note: Cases of USDOL/ Seattle are forwarded to USDOL/San Francisco for processing and final determination. Status check be made at USDOL/ San Francisco.

71 Stevenson Street
Suite 820
San Francisco CA 94119-3757
Phone (415) 975-4601
Fax (415) 975-4660


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